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Comox Valley Seventh-day Adventist Vegetarian Cooking Classes

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Health Ministry The Health Ministry is based on the relationship between our Christian faith and a Biblical call to healthful living. At Comox Valley Adventist Church we offer a variety of programming and resources promoting health improvement and healthy lifestyles.  We also have a library containing information on vegan and vegetarian eating, dealing with health issues in natural ways,  herbal remedies, etc.  (Books and DVDs)  You will find our Comox Valley Seventh-day Adventist Cooking Classes blog (recipes and more) by clicking here  You will also find information about depression and overcoming it without drugs at the Lifestyle Matters blog.

As persons interested in living a healthy life and respectful of the Earth over which we have been given a stewardship role by our Creator, we find the NEWSTART program acrostic contains helpful guidelines for a wholesome, thriving and restorative lifestyle:

N = Nutrition
Eating generous amounts of whole plant based foods.

E = Exercise
45-60 minutes of daily aerobic exercise.

W = Water
Drinking 6 - 8 cups of pure water daily.

S = Sunshine
Getting regular exposure to early morning or late afternoon sunlight while avoiding over exposure to intense sunlight and burning.

T = Temperance
Avoiding harmful substances and using in moderation those things which are good for you.

A = Air
Enjoying regular outdoor recreation and breathing mostly from the diaphragm to improve oxygenation of the blood.

R = Rest
Sleeping at regular times and balancing hard work with time for relaxation.

T = Trust in God
Recognizing that God cares for us and gives us unconditional love & acceptance. NEWSTART encourages healthy behaviors without judging.

For an interesting look at some of the world's longest-living peoples, go to www.bluezones.com where you will read:
"...among Loma Linda's Seventh Day Adventists, we found America's longest-lived culture.  They're living about an extra decade longer than the rest of us.  How? Part of the reason comes from a diet inspired from the Bible.  Genesis, Chapter 1, vs 26."

See also Adventist Health Study 2 (Loma Linda University)

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